File Wrapper Link Creation and Integration Guide

File Wrapper Link is a type of advertising inventory used to monetize websites that focus on downloading content.

Data Cash supports two inventory formats:

  • File Wrapper Link is a type of directlink. Unlike a site with a regular directlink, File Wrapper Link supports additional parameters – file_urlfile_name and file_size.
  • File Wrapper – JavaScript that finds links on a page that lead to files for download and replaces them with sponsored links. We recently wrote about the File Wrapper on our blog.

The File Wrapper Link is designed for a specific type of advertising campaign that involves installing software on the user’s device.

When a user clicks on the File Wrapper Link, the advertiser’s software is downloaded. The user will then be prompted to install the advertiser’s product onto their device. If the user decides to install the program, they will receive a link to download the original file they intended to receive.

Ad Placement Creation

To set up an ad placement, you need to register as a publisher. You can either self-register on Affilight’s landing page or request our manager to register for you.

Once you’ve registered, click on the Create New Ad Placement button to get started.

New Ad Placement

Settings of Ad Placement

Name your ad placement, e.g. New File Wrapper Link.

Name of Ad Placement

Select File Wrapper Link as inventory type.

Inventory type

Setting IAB categories is mandatory. Choose one or more categories to which the platform belongs for precise targeting.

Website category

If unsure, select “IAB24 – Uncategorized Mix Content” or “IAB1 – Entertainment (video, music)” for broad classification. For adult content, select “IAB25-3 – Pornography, videochats, erotics” and note that only ads for adults will be shown.

Note: It is recommended to set no more than 10 categories.

Do not select additional categories if “IAB25-3 – Pornography, videochats, erotics” has been chosen.

Website IAB categories

You can also block categories of advertised offers in a similar way to how you set the website IAB categories.

Block categories

You don’t need to make any additional settings and set the list of priority offers.

Additional settings


Postback URL is used in “advanced” setup, most publishers don’t need to set postback. If you work on CPA basis we can pass conversion data via Postback URL. Each conversion is sent as a separate request.

Trafficback URL is important for setting the traffic type.

Later we will tell you more about setting up Postback URL and Trafficback URL.

When all information is inputted, click Next.


Connecting the Finished Script

Here’s the corrected text:

Placing a File Wrapper Link on a publisher’s site is similar to the algorithm used for a directlink. We recently provided detailed instructions on this.

However, due to the specifics of advertising campaigns and products that File Wrapper Link distributes, the inventory contains additional parameters:

  • file_url;
  • file_name;
  • file_size.

For correct operation, you need to substitute parameters in the advertising link:{FILE_URL}&file_name={FILE_NAME}&file_size={FILE_SIZE}

A link is inserted into the file_url parameter, to which the user will be redirected after installing the advertiser’s product. This is what the link to which the user will be redirected may look like:

Before substitution, the URL must be encrypted for proper operation. You can use a specialized service for manual coding. After encoding, the link will change its appearance:

The finished URL can then be substituted into the advertising link:

The file_name parameter is encoded similarly. The file_name passes the name of the file that the advertiser’s product will be called. We recommend passing in the parameter the name of the file that the user originally wanted to download. This will increase the publisher’s conversion and revenue.

For example, we will pass the name “Photo editor”. After encoding and substituting the name, the link will look like this:

The file_size parameter passes the size of the file that the user originally wanted to download. The size format is in bytes. If the original file is 100 MB, you should pass the value “104857600” to the link. You can use a calculator to calculate the values.

After substituting the required parameters, File Wrapper Link will look like this:

Note: the parameters S1, S2, S3, and query must be substituted in the File Wrapper Link. These parameters are necessary to optimize traffic and evaluate its quality, just like in the case of direct link. For detailed information about S1, S2, S3, and query parameters, please refer to our separate guide.

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