Postback URL Setting

If you want to track conversions in your own tracker, you can set up postback. Recall that postback is the transfer of information about the completion of some action from one platform to another (from the affiliate network to the tracker).

Stage 1: Connect click_id

The first step is to set up a click_id pass to link your data in the tracker to ours. To do this, substitute the click_id in the “S3” parameter of our directlink and paste the link into your tracker. Working with our directlink, the parameters are substituted like this:{QUERY}&s1=some_data&s2=even_more_data&s3=some_unique_id

After receiving data from the advertiser about the user conversion, the platform will send a request to the Postback URL.

Stage 2: Postback URL Setup

Postback URL is a link to which a program request is made with information about completed target actions.

Copy the link in your tracker to which we will send requests for completed conversions. How you get the link and its format will depend on the tracker you use. You will find all the detailed information about this in the instructions for the taker.

Go to the DataCash. Paste the copied link from the tracker into the “Postback URL” field in your account settings or for a specific platform. If you add a Postback URL in your account settings, the Postback URL will be applied to all platforms. If in the platform settings – only for a specific platform.

In your link, you must substitute our macros in the values of the required parameters.

Important: macros are inserted in curly braces.

Here is a list of options that you can customize:

  • {source_id} – your traffic source ID
  • {country} – country code
  • {offer_id} – ID of campaign
  • {tr_id} – transactionID (if it possible)
  • {currency} – currency code
  • {money} – amount
  • {count} – count
  • {ip} – IP
  • {s1} {s2} {s3} – additional parameters.

In addition to all the other parameters we can pass to you, remember that your click_id will be passed through the “S3” macro.

After completing the settings, do not forget to save the changes.

Platform settings
Account settings

If you have any additional questions or difficulties with setting up, be sure to contact your manager.

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